Attorney at Law and Mediation Services 

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The parties involved in a dispute (and their attorneys if represented) voluntarily meet with a neutral third party who does not advocate for either party, although the mediator may recommend settlement options.

It is an informal process without the formality of a court room.

It is confidential and anything prepared for or discussed during mediation is confidential and cannot be disclosed unless all parties agree.

My Mediation Style

I am an information based mediator and believe that a lasting settlement can be reached when the parties have a full understanding of all of the issues in dispute, have had the opportunity to address their feelings and have participated in reaching a mutually agreed upon settlement.



Each side will have the opportunity to relate everything about the dispute.

Each side can meet separately with the mediator during the mediation.  The mediator will keep the information discussed in the separate meetings confidential unless authorized to disclose the information to the other party. A settlement can only be reached if all parties agree and the settlement can be confidential.


Assemble all the exhibits that relate to the issues in dispute, Review everything, and Prepare a summary