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My Mediation Style

I am an information based mediator and believe that a lasting settlement can be reached when the parties have a full understanding of all of the issues in dispute, have had the opportunity to address their feelings and have participated in reaching a mutually agreed upon settlement.



When a dispute arises between people and communications break down, the resulting impasse will prevent them from reaching a settlement.  If the dispute is serious and they are not able to just walk away, they face the challenge of how to proceed.  Self-help is not an advisable option and usually leads to further and more serious problems.  One party or both may choose to litigate but this is a very expensive and time consuming process and seldom results in complete satisfaction by either party as they have no control over the court’s decision.  Mediation conducted by a skilled third party mediator is an option that will provide the parties with a safe environment to discuss their needs and feelings.  Neutrality by the third party requires that the third party not take either side or tell the parties what they should do.  This insures trust in the neutral mediator and encourages full and complete discussions of the parties' respective needs so that an agreed upon settlement can be reached.

As a mediator my skill as a neutral has helped me gain the trust of those who have sought my services and have enabled me to settle hundreds of cases.